UMBC Retrievers

UMBC Retrievers

The UMBC Retrievers represent the University of Maryland, Baltimore County in NCAA Division I athletics. The official colors of the Retrievers are black and gold (PMS 123) with red (PMS 032). The Retrievers field 17 varsity sports; eight men and nine women. UMBC competes in the America East athletic conference.


The retriever mascot is a Chesapeake Bay Retriever, the state dog of Maryland. There is a statue of a retriever known as True Grit that stands in front of the Retriever Activities Center (RAC). UMBC's costumed mascot has been known both as True Grit and Fever. UMBC also once had a live mascot named Campus Sam. In 2007, True revealed he had a sister, Trudy Grit, at the volleyball pep rally. She is now used as a mascot, as well.

To commemorate the 40th anniversary of UMBC in 2006, the University held the "March of the Retrievers," a procession of 40 Chesapeake Bay Retrievers from the True Grit statue to the University Commons and then on to the UMBC Soccer Stadium, site of the Homecoming soccer match.


Sport Head Coach Venue Notes
Baseball (Men) John Jancuska Baseball Factory Field 2001 Northeast Champions
Basketball (Men) Randy Monroe RAC Arena 2008 America East Champions, 2008 America East Regular Season Champions
Basketball (Women) Phil Stern RAC Arena 2007 America East Champions
Cross Country (Men & Women) Tim Walker UMBC Stadium
Lacrosse (Men) Don Zimmerman UMBC Stadium America East Champions 2006, 2008; America East Regular Season Champions 2005, 2006, 2008; 2007 NCAA Tournament Quaterfinalist, 1980 Division II National Champion
Lacrosse (Women) Courtney Martinez Connor UMBC Stadium 2006 America East Regular Season Champions
Soccer (Men) Pete Caringi UMBC Soccer Stadium 2003 America East Regular Season Champions
Soccer (Women) Tara Koleski UMBC Soccer Stadium
Softball (Women) Joe French Baseball Factory Field
Swimming & Diving (Men & Women) Chad Cradock UMBC Natatorium Men: America East Champions 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008; Northeast Conference Champions 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003 Women: America East Champions 2007, 2008; Northeast Conference Champions 1999, 2000, 2002, 2003
Tennis (Men & Women) Keith Puryear Tennis Center 2007 America East Champions (Men)
Track & Field (Men & Women) David Bobb UMBC Stadium
Volleyball (Women) Ian Blanchard RAC Arena

The UMBC Dance Team, cheerleading squad, mascot and "Down and Dirty Dawg" Pep Band are also supported through UMBC Athletics.


Athletic Alumni

UMBC Riser

The UMBC Riser is the official fight song of the UMBC Retrievers, and was written by Dr. George LaNoue, a professor of policy sciences

Stand up and cheer, UMBC
Forward we go, to another victory.
Retrievers, be bold,
We back you as we stand,
Black and gold, the best in Maryland.
Rise up and sing!
Stand up and roar!
Make echoes ring from the mountains to the shore.
Baltimore's pride, our alma mater grand,
UMBC, the best in any land!

Alma Mater

UMBC's alma mater debuted in 2006 in conjunction with the 40th anniversary festivities. The tune is American Hymn by Matthias Keller, and the lyrics and arrangement are by Jari Villanueva, current director of UMBC's pep band.

Hail alma mater! OUR UMBC,
Boldly bearing your colors, the whole world to see,
Striving together in true unity,
Black, gold forever we're reminded of thee,
Proudly we hail to thee, OUR UMBC!

Throughout the ages, OUR UMBC,
Songs and memories still echo with true clarity,
Knowledge and wisdom and truth we found here,
Friendships we treasure that will last through the years,
Proudly we hail to thee, OUR UMBC!

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