U.S. Route 60 in California

U.S. Route 66 in California

In the U.S. state of California, U.S. Route 66 is a former U.S. highway. All the portions were deleted by 1964 during the 1964 renumbering.


U.S. Route 66 was assigned by the American Association of State Highway Officials in late 1926 and signed in 1928 by the Automobile Club of Southern California; however historic US 66 shields and even present day US 66 shields remain.

US 66 continued to be signed east of Pasadena until 1974, when it was removed, and the remaining separate section became State Route 66.

San Bernardino to Arizona

From San Bernardino to the Arizona state line, US 66 followed the old National Old Trails Highway. The old highway veers significantly away from I-15 between Victorville and Barstow passing through Oro Grande, Helendale, and Lenwood. Through Barstow, it is Main Street. A Marine Corps base is on top of the original highway and is impassable. From Daggett, Historic 66 leaves I-40, crossing it three times before winding away through Bagdad, Amboy,and Essex.

From Essex, the original alignment followed Goffs Road through Goffs and joining I-40 at the U.S. Route 95 exit. A later alignment is now I-40 from Goff. The original highway winds around I-40 in the Needles area, before crossing the Colorado River into Arizona.


At the time of the 1964 renumbering, US 66 used the following route (in today's terms):

(designated State Route 248 west of Interstate 210 in Monrovia from 1964 to 1992, and I-210 (signed as US 66) through Monrovia to State Route 66 from 1964 to ca. 1970, when I-210 was completed on new alignment)


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