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U-Line Corporation is a North American manufacturer of upscale undercounter refrigeration products, primarily intended for residential use.

U-Line was founded in 1962 by Henry Uihlein who was the first to patent and bring to market an automatic stand-alone undercounter residential ice maker. Based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, U-Line has since introduced several other undercounter "firsts," including the first combination refrigerator/ice maker (1971), the first portable ice maker (1971), the first 12v DC marine/mobile ice maker (1983), and the first residential wine refrigeration system (1985).


In 1962, Henry Uihlein left his position at the Ben-Hur Freezer Company to begin manufacturing a product of his own invention. He named his company "U-Line," a phonetic representation of his German-origin name. His invention - a residential undercounter ice maker - was the first product of its kind, and it's popularity with more affluent home owners helped his company fund further research and development into additional refrigeration products. Today, the U-Line Corporation manufactures several undercounter combinations of ice makers, refrigerators, freezers, and wine storage systems. Many of these include advanced features, such as dual-zone temperature control in the case of wine storage systems. The company has also introduced a line of refrigerated drawers. All of the company's products can be "built in" to blend in inconspicuously with a room's decor.

Significant Inventions/Milestones
(Used with permission from U-Line's corporate website)
U-Line develops the first undercounter residential and light commercial ice maker.

U-Line introduces the first undercounter Combo® Model Ice Maker and Refrigerator. The unit maintains two temperature zones in the same cabinet using a single compressor.

U-Line introduces the first portable ice makers, designed with a built-in water tank that allowed owners to move the unit anywhere in the home.

U-Line develops the first and only 12-volt DC ice maker for marine and RV applications.

U-Line is the first U.S. appliance manufacturer to produce an undercounter wine refrigerator for residential wine storage. The Wine Captain® features three temperature zones within the same cabinet to offer proper storage conditions for different varieties of wine.

U-Line develops and patents the industry's first solid state ice maker. Display lights and sound tones alert users when defrosting and other maintenance functions are required.

U-Line is the first to develop frost-free freezer technology in undercounter refrigeration.

U-Line is the first North American appliance manufacturer to eliminate chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) from its foam insulation - more than two years ahead of the scheduled federal government mandate.

U-Line designs and develops the CLR60 clear ice maker, which can produce more than 60 pounds of clear ice cubes per day.

U-Line introduces the Échelon Series, a diverse collection of luxury ice makers, combination ice maker/refrigerators, wine storage units, refrigerators and refrigerator/freezers.

Corporate Affairs

U-Line is headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It is currently under the leadership of the third and fourth generations of the Uihlein family.


Because they products are aimed at a more affluent demographic, they are not commonly found in national appliance chains, but rather in local upscale retailers.


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