Typhoon (disambiguation)

Typhoon (disambiguation)

Typhoon most commonly denotes a tropical cyclone. The term is most often used for cyclones occurring in the western Pacific Ocean. The word is an alteration of the Arabic word, tūfān, meaning hurricane, and the Greek word, typhōn, meaning violent storm. It was also influenced by the Cantonese word tah fung (literally "striking wind", but actually used to refer to tropical cyclones).

Typhoon may also refer to:


  • Typhoon, a class of Soviet submarines
  • Typhoon Naval Stabilized Weapon System
  • the Eurofighter Typhoon, a multirole combat aircraft.
  • Euro-Fighter Typhoon, a roller coaster by Gerstlauer, named after the combat aircraft
  • the Hawker Typhoon, a British WWII-era aircraft
  • Typhoon, the German codename for the military offensive directed against Moscow starting on 30 September 1941 (see Battle of Moscow)



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