Twin River Public Schools

Twin River Public Schools

Twin River Public Schools is a school district formed by the communities of Genoa, Monroe, and Silver Creek. It has a total of five schools and some 516 students as of 2006.

Schools within the district

Twin River Elementary-Genoa: Twin River Elementary-Silver Creek: Twin River Junior High School: Located in Silver Creek. Moved to Genoa along with the High School in 2005. Twin River Senior High School: Located in Genoa. There use to be a school in Monroe, but it is now closed down
School at Twin River is Great the teachers are fair and sometimes strict but they have their reasons and our principal is GREAT, Mr. Heier, Mr. Heier is also our varsity basketball coach and our team is really good. Mr. Heier is a really good person he listens if you are having problems and he will discuss them with you.



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