Twin Infinitives

Twin Infinitives

Twin Infinitives is the second album by Royal Trux. It was released as a double LP in 1990 by Drag City, then reissued on CD and cassette in 1994.

Track listing

All songs written by Neil Hagerty and Jennifer Herrema

Side one

  1. "Solid Gold Tooth"
  2. "Ice Cream"
  3. "Jet Pet"
  4. "RTX-USA"
  5. "Kool Down Wheels"

Side two

  1. "Chances Are the Comets in Our Future"
  2. "Yin Jim Versus the Vomit Creature"
  3. "Osiris"

Side three

  1. "(Edge of the) Ape Oven"

Side four

  1. "Florida Avenue Theme"
  2. "Lick My Boots"
  3. "Glitterbust"
  4. "Funky Son"
  5. "Ratcreeps"
  6. "NY Avenue Bridge"

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