Turned g

Turned g

or turned g is a letter of the Latin alphabet, formed by rotating g 180°. It is used to transliterate the Georgian letter . ჹ itself is the Georgian letter (which is transliterated "g") rotated. It represents a voiced uvular stop (IPA: ɢ) in some East Caucasian languages.

A rotated capital G has sometimes been used as a substitute for an eng (ŋ). It is encoded at U+2141 but is very rarely supported, absent in most fonts, including those with significant Unicode coverage. Everson Mono and Fixedsys Excelsior are among only a handful of fonts that supports it.

ᵷ was added to Unicode 4.1 in 2005, as U+1D77. Fonts that can display the character include Code2000, Doulos SIL and Charis SIL. Lowercase "B with hook," an IPA letter that resembles a turned open tail (one-story) g, is more widely available as a substitute, at U+0253.

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