Turku School of Economics

Turku School of Economics

The Turku School of Economics (Finnish Turun kauppakorkeakoulu) is a university specialising in economic and business sciences located in Turku, Finland. The university was previously called Turku School of Economics and Business Administration. It is the second largest school of its kind in Finland, with approximately 2000 graduate and 250 postgraduate students and a staff of 350. The university was established in 1950, as a private establishment; it was acquired under state control in 1977.

In addition to teaching a wide variety of economic and business related subjects, the university conducts research on matters relating to its field, and offers consulting services to businesses. Teaching is mainly carried out in Finnish, but there are also a number of courses available in English.

Turku School of Economics is one of the most efficient universities in terms of masters per professor.

Organisation of Turku School of Economics

Main departments

  • Department of Management
    • Management and Organization
    • Information Systems Science
    • Entrepreneurship
  • Department of Accounting and Finance
    • Accounting and Finance
  • Department of Marketing
    • Marketing
    • International Business
    • Economic Geography
    • Economic Sosiology
    • Logistics
  • Department of Economics
    • Business Law
    • Economics
    • Quantitative Methods in Management

Auxiliary units

  • Business Research and Development Centre
    • Small Business Institute
    • Pan-European Institute
    • Innomarket
    • Institute for Executive Education
    • Media Group
    • Institute for Competition Policy Studies
    • Centre for Responsible Business
  • Finland Futures Research centre
  • Pori Unit
  • Turku Centre for Computer Science (TUCS)

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