Turboair Fabriano

Fabriano Basket

Fabriano Basket, also known for sponsorship reasons as Indesit Fabriano is an Italian professional basketball team from the town of Fabriano.

In 2007/08 season it will play in the Italian LegADue (also known as Serie A2, second division of Italian professional basketball).

It was established in 1966 and, in the past, due to sponsorship deals, has also been known as Honky Wear Fabriano (1979-80), Honky Jeans Fabriano (1980-82), Honky Fabriano (1982-84), A.P. Fabriano (1985-86), Alno Fabriano (1986-90), Turboair Fabriano (1990-92, 1994-96), Teamsystem Fabriano (1992-94), Faber Fabriano (1996-98), Zara Fabriano (1998-99), Banca Marche Fabriano (2000-01), Carifac Fabriano (2002-03) and Carifabriano Fabriano (2004-06). . Its best result was 10th place in Serie A in the 1983/84 season.

2008/09 Roster

4 Fabio Ruini Point guard
5 Mike Gansey Shooting guard
6 Matteo Metz Point guard
7 Jacopo Servadio Shooting guard
8 Isaac Wells Power forward
9 Andrea Benevelli Small forward
10 Luca Chiarucci Shooting guard
11 Roberto Casoli Center
12 Alessandro Piazza Point guard
13 Alessandro Infanti Shooting guard
14 Alex Bougaieff Center
15 Emanuele Piloni Power forward/Center
16 Simone Moscatelli Point guard
20 German Sciutto Small forward

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