TurboNick is an online Nickelodeon-branded broadband channel that launched in 2005.

TurboNick features up to 15 hours of new programming every week and includes advertising. In its soft launch phase that commenced July 1, 2005, TurboNick has garnering more than 1.25 million streams and officially launched with a full advertising and promotional campaign on July 17. Later on, Nickelodeon restricted the service to viewers only inside the United States and its territories. Shortly after Nickelodeon implemented these restrictions, TurboNick UK was launched, but unlike the original, the UK edition only features short clips of programs and is only available in the UK and Ireland.

An Australian version of TurboNick was launched in January 2007 and a German version was launched in April 2007. A Latin American version of TurboNick exists under the name Nick Turbo.

TurboNick 2.0

TurboNick has made several dramatic changes, such as a new look, new controls, customization and many new features.

Some new features include a search command, customization, a rating system, playing games while watching videos, creating and saving playlists, RSS feeds, and sending videos to friends. Also, it now is able to work on Macintosh systems. All items on a TurboNick playlist are known as "Snags" on the site.

TurboNick is usually the page on where you can vote for a special on Nick, for example: Drake vs. Josh Weekend.

Up to date, they include new features from the old (e.g. New Games, With each show the title is on the left with a nice looking picture on the right with different colors on each, If appropriate, the previews have a link to the Full-Length episode if it is stored in TurboNick, yet some do not, such as most Fairly OddParents.)

TurboNick In Windows Media Center

Microsoft has announced that TurboNick will be compatible with Windows Vista Media Center, the user can upload videos using it. The service can be spotty in Windows Media Center, that is, it will work for around 3 weeks and then it will stop working for a while and then it will come back online. Currently not all features work in the Media Center edition. The other problem with this is that you can only use it in the US.

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