Tullyhaw is an Barony in County Cavan. The area has been in constant occupation since pre-4000 B.C.

In 1579 East Breifne, then part of Connacht, was made a shire. The shire was named Cavan (Irish An Cabhain) after the area's main town. The administration remained in the control of the local Irish dynasty and subject to the Brehon and Canon Law.

In 1584 Perrott formed the shire into a county in Ulster. It was subdivided into seven baronies:

  • two of which were assigned to Sir John O'Reilly and
  • three to other members of the family;
  • two remaining, possessed by the septs of
    • Mackernon and
    • McGovern (aka Magauran)

The last one, Tullyhaw, encompassed the mountains bordering on O'Rourke's country, and was left subject to the ancient tenures and exactions of their Irish lord.


  • Templeport
    • Swanlinbar is positioned on an important route between the pre-Norman kingdoms of the Connachta and the Ulad. It is dominated by steep mountains shaped during the last Ice Age over 12,000 years ago
    • Magh Slécht
  • Tomregan
  • Killinagh
  • Kinawley



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