Trondheims-Pressen was a cooperative newspaper published in Trondheim, Norway from May 8 to May 12 1945 by Arbeider-Avisen, Nidaros and Adresseavisen.

The common newspaper was established after the Second World War, when the Norwegian resistance movement and the Norwegian government in exile pressed news agencies to make common newspapers until those that had been discontinued during the German occupation had time to reestablish themselves. The discontinued newspapers were to be allowed to use the production facilities of other newspapers in order to prohibit the latter from gaining a competitive advantage. In Trondheim, two of the three remaining newspapers had been dicontinued, namely Arbeider-Avisen and Nidaros. Newspapers that voluntarily allowed themselves be nazified were discontinued, leading to the abandonment of Dagsposten.

The resistance movement decided that, as far as possible, the discontinued newspapers were to be common newspapers with neutral names, and that approved editors would be used to meet the enormous demand for information during peacetime. The chosen editors were given ample preparation time because they were informed about this assignment in April. Transition arrangements were made to insure that journalists from all types of newspapers could both cooperate in printing the common newspapers and plan their own newspapers at the same time. The resistance movement forced the surviving news agencies to make equipment available.

Oslo-Pressen was published as a common newspaper in the capital of Oslo, which was given a large amount of attention from journalists, especially on the city's living conditions. Other locations, such as Askim-Pressen, Fellesavisen (Lillehammer), Fellesavisen (Harstad), Fredrikstad-Pressen, Den frie Rørospresse, Fritt Norge (Drammen), Halden-Pressen, Hamar Frie Presse, Mosjøpressen, and Romsdalspressen (Molde) og Sarpsborg-pressen began receiving their common newspapers from May 8 onwards.

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