List of Bosnia and Herzegovina patriotic songs

This is a list of Bosnia and Herzegovina patriotic songs.

  • Armija BiH is the song of the Bosnian Army. An Mp3 of the song
  • Bosnom behar Probeharao is a patriotic song by the famous Bosnian singer Dino Merlin and was performed in the late 1980s. The song is a classical song in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
  • Dragoj mojoj BiH is a famous patriotic song about BiH, Bosna i Hercegovina. They sing that Bosnia is their homeland and they express their love for their homeland.
  • Tristosedamdeseta Slavna Brigada is a patriotic song about Bosnian resistance from the cetnik aggression during 1991-1995 war. You can listen to this song here:
  • Navijacka himna is the song about the Bosnian and Herzegovian football team and it is always played before each game. It is also used when the handball team and basketball team play games. Listen:
  • Sehidima Bosne i Hercegovine is a patriotic song from the Sevdah singer Safet Isovic. This song is particularly devoted to the old town in Sarajevo and hails Gazi Husrev Beg. It also attempts to show that this is a beauty of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
  • Vojnik Srece is a song by the famous Bosnian singer Dino Merlin and he sings about the heroic defence of Sarajevo and this is just one of many famous songs from Dino Merlin.

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