Tripping Billies

Tripping Billies

"Tripping Billies" is a song by the Dave Matthews Band, released as the fifth single from the album Crash. It originally debuted on their independent release Remember Two Things. It reached #18 on the Modern Rock Tracks chart. It has been regarded as having a very difficult and precise drum part played by the band's Carter Beauford.

History and production

The name "Tripping Billies" came to be when a critic told Dave Matthews that his band sounded like, "a bunch of hillbillies tripping on acid". The band thought this was hilarious and named this song after it.

Dave talked about the origins of this song at the show that was recorded for VH1 Storytellers on 03-24-1999. This part of the show, however, was not part of the aired program but can be heard on the fan traded tape of the show. He said that the "Dragons were smoked" line is a reference to "Puff, the Magic Dragon". He also mentioned taking some LSD on a beach in South Africa with Julia Grey and some friends. Then shortly thereafter deciding that he did not want to trip. "I was looking at my girlfriend Julia's face and then it melted into my mother's! And I thought, 'oh, no, that's not good.'"

Track listing

  1. "Tripping Billies" (Edit) — 4:18
  2. "Tripping Billies" (Album Version) — 5:00
  3. "Tripping Billies" (Live Version) — 5:28


Charts Peak
U.S. Billboard Modern Rock Tracks 18

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