Trinity–Spadina is a federal and provincial electoral district in Ontario, Canada, that has been represented in the Canadian House of Commons since 1988, and in the Legislative Assembly of Ontario since 1999.

It generally encompasses the western portion of downtown Toronto. In the 2001 Canadian census, the riding had 106,094 people of which 74,409 were eligible to vote.

The current federal Member of Parliament (MP) is Olivia Chow of the New Democratic Party. She defeated Tony Ianno of the Liberal Party of Canada in the January 23, 2006 election. The current Member of Provincial Parliament (MPP) is Rosario Marchese of the Ontario New Democratic Party, who has been in office since 1990. The riding has long been a battle ground between the NDP and the Liberals, with the NDP recently winning both provincially and federally.

Municipally, it is divided into two wards; Ward 19 is represented by Deputy Mayor Joe Pantalone, and Ward 20 is represented by Adam Vaughan. On January 17, 2006, The Toronto East York Community Council recommended that City Council fill the vacancy with former city councillor Martin Silva.

Major landmarks within the riding include: the University of Toronto, the CN Tower, Rogers Centre (formerly Skydome), the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, Kensington Market, Chinatown, Christie Pits, Trinity Bellwoods Park and Palmerston Boulevard.

The riding is one of the most ethnically diverse in Canada containing the heart of Toronto's Chinatown, Koreatown, Little Italy, and Little Portugal. The northern section of the riding is the wealthy Annex district, while the eastern edge contains the University of Toronto and thousands of students. The riding has been the most left-leaning in Toronto and has voted NDP provincially for a number of years.


Average family income: $81,415 (2001)
Median family income: $50,047
Unemployment: 6.7%
Language, mother tongue: English 52%, French 2%, Other 46%
Religion: Catholic 32%, Protestant 15%, Buddhist 5%, Jewish 4%, Muslim 3%, No religious affiliation 33%, Other 7%
Visible Minority: Chinese 18%, Black 4% South Asian 3%, Filipino 2%, Southeast Asian 2%, Korean 2%, Others 6%


It consists of the Toronto Islands and the part of the City of Toronto bounded on the south by Toronto Harbour, and on the west, north and east by a line drawn from the harbour north on Spencer Avenue, east along the Gardiner Expressway, north on Dufferin, east on Queen Street West, southeast along the Canadian Pacific Railway line, north along Dovercourt Road, east along Dundas Street West, north along Ossington Avenue, east along the Canadian Pacific Railway situated north of Dupont Street, south along Avenue Road and Queens Park Crescent West, east along College Street and south along Yonge Street to the Harbour.

These borders were somewhat changed in the 2004 redistribution. The northwestern corner, a somewhat pro-NDP area was lost to Davenport. A large, but mostly business area of Toronto Centre—Rosedale between University Avenue and Yonge St. was given to the riding. This region tends to support the Liberals. The Toronto Islands were also added to the riding from Toronto Centre—Rosedale. This area is very strongly NDP and while it has a small population it is a highly activist one that provides many campaign workers for the New Democrats.

Federal electoral district

The riding was created in 1987 from Trinity and Spadina, and smaller parts of Toronto Centre—Rosedale and Parkdale—High Park.

It consisted initially of the part of the City of Toronto bounded on the south by Toronto Harbour, on the east by Avenue Road, Queen's Park Crescent West, University Avenue and York Street, and on the west and north by a line drawn from the harbour north along Spencer Avenue, east along the Gardiner Expressway, north along Atlantic Avenue, southeast along the Canadian National Railway line, north along Dovercourt Road, east along Bloor Street West, north along Ossington Avenue, and east along the Canadian Pacific Railway line to Avenue Road.

In 2003, it was given its current boundaries as described above.

Members of Parliament

This riding has elected the following members of the Canadian House of Commons:

Provincial electoral district

The provincial electoral district was created in 1999 when provincial ridings were defined to have the same borders as federal ridings.

Members of Provincial Parliament

This riding has elected the following members of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario:

Federal election results

2008 federal election

2006 federal election

A third battle between NDP challenger Olivia Chow and longtime Liberal incumbent Tony Ianno took place in the 2006 election. Ianno's narrow victory over Chow in 2004 had surprised most observers. Immediately after the writ was dropped for the federal election, Chow resigned her City Hall seat and vowed not to return to her previous job as municipal councillor. Chow ran a more disciplined campaign than in 2004, focusing on winning her own seat rather than lending her support to the national campaign of her husband, NDP leader Jack Layton. Ianno suffered from the broader decline in Liberal fortunes across Canada, ultimately losing to Chow by nearly six percentage points, the largest margin of victory in any of their three electoral encounters.

The strongest areas for the NDP were the Annex, Seaton Village, the University of Toronto area, Sussex-Ulster and Kensington Market. The Liberals narrowly carried Little Italy, and won the waterfront condo belt by a very wide margin. The Conservatives did not win any polls.

2004 federal election

In the 2004 election, New Democrat city councillor Olivia Chow took on Tony Ianno again in what was expected to be a very competitive election race. Additionally, candidates from the Conservative, David Watters Green Anna Costa, Progressive Canadian Party Asif Hossain, Canadian Action Party Tristan Downe-Dewdney and Daniel Knezetic for the Popular Democratic Party contested the election.

Unlike the 1997 battle between Chow and Ianno, this campaign largely remained civil. Chow was outside of the riding much of the time, campaigning in other ridings due to her national prestige. Many had pegged her to win because of her high profile as the wife of NDP leader Jack Layton. On election night, most were expecting Chow to win, but Ianno won a close but certain victory.

The results surprised many. Chow captured Little Italy, long Ianno's main bedrock of support and an area that polling and sign numbers showed as going strongly for Ianno. The reverse was true of the Annex which was expected to solidly vote for Chow but did so by a fairly small margin.

Ianno won on strong turnout from the waterfront condominiums that voted overwhelmingly in favour of him.




Provincial election results

|- |Rosario Marchese |align="right"|18,432 |align="right"|41.0 |align="right"|-6.49 |- |Kathryn Holloway |align="right"|14,170 |align="right"|31.6 |align="right"|-1.20 |- |Tyler Currie |align="right"|6,238 |align="right"|13.9 |align="right"|1.61 |- |Dan King |align="right"|5,142 |align="right"|11.5 |align="right"|5.68 |- |George Sawinson |align="right"|360 |align="right"|0.8 |align="right"| |- |John Rubino |align="right"|270 |align="right"|0.6 |align="right"| |- |Charlene Cottle |align="right"|156 |align="right"|0.4 |align="right"| |- |Silvio Ursomarzo |align="right"|147 |align="right"|0.3 |align="right"| |}

Ontario electoral reform referendum, 2007
Side Votes %
First Past the Post 17787 40.8%
Mixed member proportional 25757 59.2%
Rosario Marchese 19268 47.51 -0.38 Nellie Pedro 12927 31.88 4.40 Helena Guergis 4985 12.29 -8.21 Greg Laxton 2362 5.82 4.11 Judson Glober 756 1.86 Nick Lin 256 0.63 Rosario Marchese 17110 47.89 Albert Koehl 9817 27.48 Chris Loreto 7323 20.5 Sat K.s. Khalsa 612 1.71 Ron Robins 274 0.77 Roberto Verdecchia 258 0.72 Silvio Ursomarzo 182 0.51 Raymond Samuels 154 0.43

City Councillors

Metro Ward 20

Metro Ward 24

Toronto Ward 24

Toronto Ward 19

Toronto Ward 20

Toronto Ward 4

Toronto Ward 5

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