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D.O.E. (Dominate Over Everyone) is an American Rapper/Songwriter, born in North Side Queens.


Growing up in Northside Queens, D.O.E. looked up to Hip-Hop legends like Slick Rick, Nas, The Notorious B.I.G., Tupac Shakur and Wu-Tang Clan for years before deciding to showcase his passion for rap music. His first mixtape to circulate the scene was titled Me-Unit (a parody of G-Unit). After landing in the hands of Bad Boy Records' vice president Harve Pierre, the mixtape was given to Timbaland's lawyer who passed it on to Timbaland, suggesting that he take a listen. After hearing D.O.E.'s ability to write, rap, and switch styles Timbaland flew him down to Miami, where they recorded a couple of tracks, and according to D.O.E., "...that was all she wrote!" Originally known as John Doe, he's stated that Interscope had issues with his former moniker:
Interscope didn't want to use the name John Doe, because it was so one dimensional and when you think of "john doe" you think of an unknown person or an unidentified body or something like that. It was a few other cats out there trying to use the name, plus I can't trademark the name, so Interscope didn't want to you use it. So I had to find another name, and I came up with D.O.E.. I mean even though my name was John Doe, people was calling me Doe anyway, so I was like "Aight, I'ma change my name to D.O.E., which stands for Dominant Over Everyone. So it was kind of an adjustment, cause I was so used to saying John Doe, but D.O.E. it fits me better.

Initially signed to Timbaland's Beat Club Records alongside rap artists Bubba Sparxxx and Attitude, D.O.E. first appeared on "Rollin" featuring Lil' Jon and produced by Timbaland. The song was hyped to take over the airwaves in the summer of 2006, but unfortunately not before the fledgling Beat Club Records folded. After the label's dissolution D.O.E. returned to the mixtape circuit releasing The Black Ass Album (parodying Jay-Z's The Black Album) and The Mascarade (spoofing 50 Cent's The Massacre). Not long after Beat Club Records' departure, Timbaland started up Mosley Music Group. Timbaland signed D.O.E. to his new label in 2006, however he sat on the sidelines for a majority of the year while Timbaland focused his efforts on Nelly Furtado's chart-topping multi-platinum album Loose, and Justin Timberlake's Grammy Award-winning FutureSex/LoveSounds.

In 2007 D.O.E. was featured on the hit "The Way I Are" alongside label mate Keri Hilson from Timbaland Presents Shock Value. He was also featured on "Piano Man", a song in which D.O.E. disses Scott Storch over his rivalry with Timbaland. The title references the fact that Scott Storch uses a piano to make his beats. The song is a response to the Storch-produced diss-track "Built Like That" by Philadelphia rapper NOX. In September 2008 D.O.E. released the Timbaland produced mixtape Timbaland Presents The Fall of John Doe...The Rise of D.O.E in anticipation of his new studio album set to be released in 2009. The album was made available through digital download and included an exclusive preview of "Coming Down" featuring Keri Hilson, from his debut album. On October 9, 2008 D.O.E was featured on an episode of ABC's "One Life to Live" performing "The Way I Are" along with Timbaland, Keri Hilson, and Sebastian.


  • Timbaland Presents The Fall of John Doe...The Rise of D.O.E (2008)
  • Untitled debut album (2009)



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