Trinidad, Uruguay

Trinidad, Uruguay

Trinidad is a city in Uruguay.

Location and population

It is the capital of the department of Flores in the south of Uruguay. It is situated close the 'Arroyo Porongos', a tributary of the Yi River (see also Trinidad,_Uruguay#History, below).

It has a population of 20,982 (2004 census). This makes Trinidad by far the largest city in the department of Flores.

Area and altitude

The city's area is 5,144 sq. km.

Trinidad's altitude is 134 m. above sea level.


Trinidad was founded in 1805 by General José Gervasio Artigas, the Uruguayan independence leader. Named for the Spanish word for 'Trinity', its naming reflects a less secular period in the country's history. The city was formerly called, in full: 'Santísima Trinidad de los Porongos' — (Most Holy Trinity of the Porongos); but even today, inhabitants of the town are called in Spanish either 'trinitarios' or 'porongueros'.


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