Trichostema is a genus of flowering plants in the Lamiaceae family, which has aromatic herbs or subshrubs. These plants are native to North America. In addition, any plant of this genus which has whorls of small blue flowers is called Blue curls.


  • Trichostema arizonicum
  • Trichostema austromontana
  • Trichostema austromontanum
  • Trichostema brachiatum
  • Trichostema dichotomum
  • Trichostemma hispida
  • Trichostema lanatum
  • Trichostema lanceolatum
  • Trichostema laxum
  • Trichostema lineare
  • Trichostema linearifolium
  • Trichostema mexicanum
  • Trichostema micranthum
  • Trichostema oblongum
  • Trichostema ovatum
  • Trichostema parishii
  • Trichostema pilosum
  • Trichostema purpusii
  • Trichostema rubisepalum
  • Trichostema sandersoni
  • Trichostema setaceum
  • Trichostema simulatum
  • Trichostema spiralis
  • Trichostema suffrutescens

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