Trichiurus lepturus


This article is about the panga fish. See machete for information about the African cutting tool. See panga (boat) for information about the small watercraft used by commercial fishermen in Central America. See Panga, Burkina Faso for the town in Burkina Faso

Panga is the common South African name for Pterogymnus laniarius, a small oceanodromous fish, native to the south-east Atlantic Ocean and south-west Indian Ocean. Alternatively called "Torpedo scads", they are cold-blooded with white flesh. Their scales are generally pink in color with whitish underbelly and blue-green stripes running laterally along its sides.

Over the course of its life, a panga will undergo periodic sex-changes with as much as 30% of the population being hermaphroditic at a time. Despite the presence of both sex organs, it is thought unlikely that both are simultaneously active. Panga are slow to reach sexual maturity, with a minimum population doubling time of 4.5-14 years.

In other countries the name panga may refer to a different species. In Indonesia , panga refers to Megalaspis cordyla, in Spain and Poland it refers to Pangasius hypophthalmus, and in Kenya it refers to Trichiurus lepturus.


  • In India "Panga" Means to pick a Quarrel,Squabble,

Bicker, Argue and Wrangle

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