Trevor Sprigg

Trevor Sprigg

Trevor Sprigg (10 August 1946 – 17 January 2008) was an Australian politician and legislator from Western Australia, as well as a former football star. Sprigg, a member of the Liberal Party of Australia, was the Liberal Party legislative whip as well as the member for the electorate of Murdoch in the Western Australian Legislative Assembly.

Sprigg was elected to his seat in the Western Australian general election in 2005.

Personal life

Sprigg was born in Wagin, Western Australian in 1946 and was widely known as a sports enthusiast and athlete. He was a lifetime member of the East Fremantle Football Club and played a total of 152 League games for the club. Sprigg also worked at various other football clubs as a coach, chairman of selectors, captain and football manager. For example, he worked for the West Coast Eagles Football Club from 1990 to 1992. Spriggs also worked as a consultant to the West Australia Football Commission during the planning and formation of the Fremantle Football Club.

Additionally, Sprigg worked for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, as well as several radio stations and newspapers, as a part time columnist and football commentator.

Spriggs was married and had five children and six grandchildren.


Trevor Sprigg died from a heart attack at Fremantle Hospital in Perth on 17 January 2008 at the age of 61.

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