Trepanga (Russian: Трепанга) is a Russian post-goth band based in Moscow. Known for its usage of texts by Western romantic poets, like Heinrich Heine, Emily Dickinson, Emile Verhaeren or Robert Burns, Trepanga is a regular guest of Nashestvie, the largest Russian open-air rock festival.

The band name means a female trepang, or sea cucumber (adding an inflexional '-a' at the end of a word in Russian makes it feminine). It was chosen because on the day of forming of the band (11th December 2001) a huge drop of trepangs was registered on the Japanese island of Shikoku and, as a word, trepang sounds bouncy and is unfamiliar to most people.

Some of Trepanga's members are more known to the audience as actors in various Moscow theaters.

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