Transportadora de Gas del Mercosur

Transportadora de Gas del Sur

Transportadora de Gas del Sur (English: Gas Transporter of the South) is the biggest Natural Gas extractor in Argentina.


TGS was established on December 28, 1992 after the privatization of the Argentinian energy sector, it was part of Gas del Estado, divided later on Transportadora de Gas del Sur and Transportadora de Gas del Norte


Is the biggest gas supplier in Argentina, operating the biggest pipeline system of the country and of Latin America transporting the 60% of the total Natural gas consumed and supplies directly to distributors, electric generators and industries. The maximum capacity is of 74.265.500 m3 a day, with an extension of 7.972 km of Pipeline transport and a maximum potency of 579.090 HP. TGS also distributes Liquefied natural gas (LNG), Operating in the General Cerri complex in Buenos Aires Province. Telcosur S.A., another bussines company owned by TGS is dominating the telecommunications market in rural areas providing industries and facilities.

General Cerri Complex

Located in Buenos Aires Province the General Cerri Complex is dedicated to the recovery ethane, propane, butane, natural gasoline and NGL. All the products recovered are dispatched to Galván Harbor a near facility were are stored or loaded in trucks or ships for distribution. The General Cerri Complex Produces 40% of the company income.


TGS has three pipelines that produce 60% of the company income the largest is the San Martin that provides with natural gas Tierra del Fuego Province, Chubut province, Rio Negro Province, Neuquén Province and Buenos Aires Province while the other two provide Neuquén Province, La Pampa Province and Buenos Aires Province.

Name Length Pipe dimensions Max. Power Compressor stations Max Potence
Neuba I 1,971 km - 1,224 Miles 24 / 30 inches 60 Kg/cm2 8 68,310 Hp
Neuba II 2,201 km - 1,367 Miles 30 / 36 inches 70 Kg/cm2 6 145,980 Hp
San Martin 3,756 km - 2,333 Miles 30 inches 60 Kg/cm2 16 364,800 Hp


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