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List of truck types

For meanings of the word truck see also: Truck (disambiguation).

This list is intended to classify trucks and to provide links to articles on the various types. The three main classifications for road truck by weight are light trucks, medium trucks, and heavy trucks. Above this there are specialised very heavy trucks and transporters such as heavy haulers for moving oversized loads, and off-road heavy trucks used in construction and mining which are too large for highway use without escorts and special permits.

In the UK, trucks (lorries) are defined by the driver's license required. They are either Heavy Goods Vehicles (greater than 7 1/2 tonnes) which require an HGV licence, or less in which an ordinary driver's license is all that is required.

Mini trucks

Light trucks

Medium trucks

Some of the truck types listed under heavy trucks may also come in medium sizes.

The following are not types of trucks but types of use of the trucks listed above:

Heavy trucks

Except for semi-trailer trucks and, generally, mobile cranes, the following types may also come in medium sizes.

Very heavy trucks and transporters

Vehicles in this category are too large for highway use without escorts and special permits.

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