Transatlantic Intelligencer

Transatlantic Intelligencer

The Transatlantic Intelligencer is an advocacy website centering on European politics and its American reception. Up until August 2005, it was a blog, but at that point it transitioned into a news magazine website format. It tries to surpass the perceived "language gap" between the continents and in Europe itself, aiming mainly at the American audience. Due to their political weight and influence, it focuses on France and Germany.

The site features the Trans-Int Review, providing "major translations and original articles" dealing with key topics of current "European politics and transatlantic relations". The Trans-Int News supplies translated extracts from leading European news purveyors and necessary information on backgrounds.

The site's editor is John Rosenthal, whose writings and translations of French- and German- language journalism have appeared in publications such as Monthly Review, Le Figaro, Newsday, Policy Review, Merkur, Claremont Review of Books, Tech Central Station, World Politics Review and Les Temps Modernes. He taught political philosophy and the history of European philosophy at Rutgers University, New York University, and the École Normale Supérieure de Lyon. He is now Contributing Editor Europe for World Politics Review.

Currently, the Transatlantic Intelligencer site has been closed for repairs; the Review magazine feature was temporarily suspended earlier, according to a post by Rosenthal.

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