Trajanopolis is a Roman Catholic titular see in the former Roman province of Phrygia Pacatiana, suffragan of Laodicea.


The only geographer who speaks of Trajanopolis is Ptolemy , who wrongly places this city in Greater Mysia (another region of Asia Minor). It was founded about 109 by the Grimenothyritae, who obtained permission from Roman emperor Hadrian to give the place the name of his predecessor. It had its own coins. Hierocles calls it Tranopolis, and this abridged form is found, with one exception, in the Notitia Episcopatuum, which speak of the see up to the thirteenth century among the suffragans of Laodicea.

Le Quien names seven bishops of Trajanopolis:

Another, doubtless more ancient than the preceding, Demetrius, is known from one inscription . Trajanopolis has been variously identified; the latest identification by Radet locates it at Tcharik Keui, about three miles from Ghiaour Euren towards the south-east, on the road from Oushak to Sousouz Keui, in the Ottoman vilayet of Brusa, a village abounding in sculptures, marbles and fountains, where the name of the city may be read on the inscriptions. However, Ramsay continues to identify Trajanopolis with Ghiasour Euren.


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