Traci Harding

Traci Harding

Traci Harding is an Australian novelist. Her work combines fantasy, facts, history and esoteric beliefs. She has recently sold the film rights to two of her books, The Ancient Future and The Alchemist Key, with both expected to begin production in 2008.

She was born and raised in Carlingford, a western suburb of Sydney, Australia. Harding states that her early interests were, "music, boys, daydreaming and storytelling". After leaving school she first pursued an interest in music. Later she started writing stories, novels, and then film scripts.



*The Ancient Future: The Dark Age (1996)
*An Echo in Time: Atlantis (1997)
*Masters of Reality: The Gathering (1998)

*Chronicle of Ages (2000)
*Tablet of Destinies (2001)
*Cosmic Logos (2002)

*Gene of Isis (2005)
*The Dragon Queens (2007)
*The Black Madonna (2008)

  • Being of the Field (2009 - forthcoming)



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