Trace Bundy

Trace Bundy

Trace Bundy is an instrumental acoustic guitar player who lives and performs in Boulder, Colorado. He is specially known as "The Acoustic Ninja" for his legato/fingertapping skills. His first release was 1999's "O Night Divine", a collection of traditional Christmas songs. His next recording, containing all original songs, was 2000's "Solomon's Splendor". His next recording was the CD/DVD combo titled "Adapt", released in 2004. The DVD shows a live concert filmed in Boulder, CO in the summer of 2004. Many clips from this DVD circulated on YouTube and have received well over 200,000 views. Some of the more popular clips are Trace covering the Backstreet Boys song "I Want It That Way", and Pachelbel's Canon performed on an acoustic guitar using the fingertapping technique. Following that was "A Few Songs For Christmas", an EP of more Christmas songs released in 2007. His latest release is "Missile Bell". "Missile Bell" is a two-part project, consisting of a DVD filmed live at the Boulder Theater in November 2007 (available March 2008), and a studio CD to be released later in the year.

Trace is an independent artist, and his shows are largely fan driven, where fans contact him and set up shows in their hometowns for him to come and play. He is know for his graciousness and sense of humor in his shows as much as he is for his musical talent.

Before pursuing his music career in a full-time capacity, Trace was an engineering professor at the University of Colorado-Boulder.


Label: Honest Ninja Music

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