Trace Elliot

Trace Elliot

Trace Elliot is a United Kingdom-based company that designs and manufactures high quality bass instrument amplification systems and speaker enclosures. In 1992, the company was bought by Kaman Music. In 1998, Gibson acquired Trace Elliot LTD.


In 1979, the Trace Elliot brand found its roots at the Soundwave music store in Romford, Essex, UK, which provided a place for professional musicians to gather. It is rumored that the first two people to use Trace Elliot extensively at this early time were John Paul Jones of Led Zeppelin and Brian Helicopter of punk band The Shapes. Mark King of Level 42 was also an early adopter of the brand.


  • GP12SMX Bass Pre-amp: 12 Band EQ Bass Pre-amp with dual band compression. The bassis for the preamp in all the SMX series.
  • AH300SMX: Single channel bass head incorporating the GP12SMX preamp.
  • RAH300SMX: Rack-mount version of the AH300SMX.
  • V-Type 600 and 300: Slightly rare, single channel bass head with tube preamp. Available in 300 and 600 watt models.
  • V-8Type V-8
  • Velocette: 1990s-era (?) 15W valve-powered guitar combos; variants were 1x10, 1x12, and 1x12 with reverb. Compact and about 25 pounds light. The chassis was mounted in the bottom of the cabinet with Volume and Tone knobs at the back.


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