Tove Lifvendahl

Tove Lifvendahl

Tove Lifvendahl (born 1974) is Swedish writer, speaker and political commentator affiliated with the Moderate Party. She grew up in Hälsingland and graduated from Uppsala University. In 2000, she was elected national chairman of the Moderate Youth League, the youth-wing of the Moderate Party.

She was very successful in attracting media attention to the Moderate Youth League, but also led the failed campaign in 2002 which saw the Moderate share of first-time voters decrease from 30% to 13%. On the day of the election she called for older politicians to resign and make room for younger, more modern Moderates. This contributed to, among others, Per Unckel leaving front-line politics.

After Lifvendahl's resignation from MUF in 2002 she became the first Moderate Youth League chairman to be re-elected to the board of the party on her own mandate. She recently announced that she is to step down from that position. During the party congress of 2005 she opposed proposals for a more lenient view of trade unions.

Lifvendahl has contributed to many publications, among them her own book on former Moderate leader Gösta Bohman.

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