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Touchstone Energy

Touchstone Energy Cooperatives is a cooperative federation composed of over 660 local, consumer-owned utility cooperatives in 46 of the 50 United States. Touchstone Energy co-ops serve more than 30 million members. Electric utility cooperatives distribute power for 75 percent of the U.S. land mass over 2.4 million miles of power lines.

Touchstone Energy Cooperatives was founded in 1998. Most of its members are also members of the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association. The federation includes both generation and transmission cooperatives and distribution cooperatives.

Touchstone Energy cooperatives follow the Seven Principles of Cooperatives, also known as the Rochdale Principles, in how they conduct their business.


Over the past 10 years Touchstone Energy Cooperatives has developed a portfolio of various television communications, radio spots and print campaigns.

Touchstone Energy Cooperatives' current campaign "The Conversation" looks towards addressing the various energy challenges facing America. One of their spots, "Change Rolls Into Town," features the Aptera Typ-1, which will be available as a battery-electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle.

Touchstone Energy Cooperatives' “Straight Talk” campaign won the International Association of Business Customer’s Silver Inkwell Awards for excellence in advertising. The commercials focus on messages in energy efficiency, reliability, technology and safety.


Touchstone Energy Cooperatives offers over 30 different programs to member co-ops.

Touchstone Energy Cooperatives provide their members with a variety of energy efficiency resources, such as a Light Bulb Calculator, Virtual House Tour, and the Online Home Energy Audit These energy efficiency applications can be found on their Touchstone Energy $avers website as well as Touchstone Energy Kids Zone

Touchstone Energy Kids Zone features interactive games and activities that teach children about energy, electrical safety, and energy efficiency. The Touchstone Energy Kids Zone is home to Touchstone Energy Cooperatives' mascot CFL Charlie.

Touchstone Energy cooperatives have adopted a set of energy efficiency standards for homeowners to apply to both new and existing homes, under the Touchstone Energy Home Program The Touchstone Energy Home Program is a locally focused and implemented initiative designed to help Touchstone Energy cooperatives by working with their members to make their homes more energy efficiency.

Touchstone Energy Cooperatives offer business customers resources like the Business Energy Advisor, along with the Commercial Savings Guide and Energy Managers Resources

Touchstone Energy Cooperatives hosts an online clearinghouse of properties, sites and buildings in communities served by electric co-ops across the country, called to help match co-op communities with site selectors.

Many Touchstone Energy cooperatives also offer members national and local discounts including pharmaceutical discounts through the Co-op Connections Card program.


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