Totally Awesome Computers

Totally Awesome Computers

Totally Awesome Computers (TAC) was a Utah-based computer company owned and operated by Dell Schanze, also known as SUPERDELL. Known for their quirky commercials and off-beat advertising, TAC's eight retail locations sold desktop computers while namecalling "big-box" manufactuers for their use of out-of-state service facilities, IVR customer service lines, and inferior parts. Schanze would later taint the company's image after receiving some negative press for brandishing a 10mm Glock handgun at some locals after being accused for speeding through a Draper, Utah neighborhood in his black Jaguar on May 21, 2005. Blaming the media, whom Schanze repeatedly called "liars", "murderers" and "angels of Satan", for the fall of his computer superstore, TAC closed on Friday, March 3, 2006.

PC Laptops CEO Dan Young, otherwise known as "Dan the Laptopman", offered to service Totally Awesome Computers' machines in one of their eight Utah location under their "Customer Adoption Program" for the life of the TAC computer.


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