Torphin Hill


Torphin, an area around Torphin Hill, is a suburb of Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland. The Edinburgh City Bypass runs through the area.

Torphin Hill

Torphin Hill itself, origin of the name of the suburb of Torphin, adjoins Warklaw Hill to the south-west. Its name comes from the Scottish Gaelic torr fionn, which means "white tor".

The hill also gives its name to Torphin Hill Golf Club, which celebrated its centenary in 1995. The golf course, which actually lies on the southern slopes of Corby Hill and the eastern slope of Warklaw Hill, offers views over the city of Edinburgh and beyond.

The northern slope of Warklaw Hill has been extensively quarried in the past for its igneous rocks. Now disused, it is now part-occupied by Colinton Community Compost.


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