Toothless People

Toothless People

Toothless People is a song by "Weird Al" Yankovic. It is a parody of "Ruthless People" by Mick Jagger. It is mostly about older people who are missing their teeth.

Permission and recording

In 1986 the film Ruthless People was released. The film's theme song was written and performed by Mick Jagger. Assuming the song would be a hit, Yankovic requested (and received) permission from Jagger to record a parody version. When Jagger's song failed to crack the Top 40, Yankovic considered not recording his version, but because Jagger had "authorized" the parody, he decided failing to produce it would be an insult to the artist and recorded it anyway. Polka Party!, ironically, also failed commercially and became Al's worst-selling album.

Mastering error

The modern CD version of the song is infamous for omitting the first beat of the song, making the song start off in an odd way.

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