Toller Porcorum

Toller Porcorum

Toller Porcorum is a village and civil parish in West Dorset, England, situated in the Toller valley ten miles north west of Dorchester. The village has a population of 292 (2001).

Like the other Toller villages of Toller Fratrum and Toller Whelme, the name was taken from the river, which is now known as the Hooke. The addition Porcorum means of the pigs in Latin; the village was in the past sometimes known as Swines Toller. but more often as Great Toller.

Toller Porcorum is also an ancient Anglican ecclesiastical parish. The church is dedicated to Saints Peter and Andrew and is remarkable for the drooping chancel

From 1862 to 1975 the village had a railway station on the Bridport Railway.


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