Toi Inagawa

Toi Inagawa

Toi Inagawa (稲川 土肥 Inagawa Toi; 1940 - May 29, 2005) a.k.a. Yuko Inagawa (稲川 裕紘 Inagawa Yuko) was kaicho (Godfather) of the Inagawa-kai yakuza gang in Japan from 1990 until 2005. He was also 2nd socho of the Inagawa-ikka.

Inagawa was the son of Kakuji Inagawa, the gang's founder. In 1990, he took over from Susumu Ishii to became the Inagawa-kai's third kaicho.

Toi Inagawa died of illness in May 2005. As of October 2005, a clear successor has not emerged, but Inagawa's son Hideki Inagawa is seen as the most likely candidate.

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