Tigresa del oriente

Tigresa del oriente

Judith Bustos (born in 1945 in Iquitos, Peru) better known as La Tigresa del Oriente is a singer, hairdresser and makeup artist. Due to the popularity of her videos on YouTube (the video for her single "Nuevo Amanecer" surpassed the 5-million hits mark in 2008), she has become one of the most widely known Peruvian artists in the world, second only to presenter Laura Bozzo (whose talk show occasionally resembles that of American presenter Jerry Springer in controversy and drama).

Bustos became a cosmetologist at an early age. She later emigrated to Lima, expecting to be involved in show business in some way; with enough persistence, she became a makeup artist for Lima's television stations, starting an extended career that has lasted over twenty years. Her desire to sing and dance for an audience made her develop the concept for La Tigresa in 2002.

La Tigresa is well known for her leopard garb, makeup and appearance, and for the choreographies staged by her dancing troupe, which includes three women and one man. Her first single "Nuevo amanecer" (New Dawn) is a self improvement anthem that made her a Youtube sensation in Latin America. She has since been called "The Youtube Queen" by local Peruvian press. Her videos for her first recording are unique, if low in budget, and were filmed in the Peruvian jungle with her "exotic" dancers. Other singles from Bustos include: Mi canoa, Fiesta en la selva, Trabaja flojo trabaja, Anaconda, Tránsfuga de amor, and Hombre de Madera, "Homenaje al Papa Juan Pablo II.

La Tigresa's stage act evokes extreme reactions from the general public in Latin America. Critics denounce her stage act as campy (at best) or kitsch (at worst) and make fun of her appearance and lack of formal vocal training, while fans adore her level of self-confidence, lyrical sincerity and respect for Peruvian folklore and traditions. In either case, her public appeal has transcended beyond Peru and has become noticed by thousands in the continent.

According to Peruvian newspaper Diario La República, Bustos has signed a contract with Warner Bros. Records México for one year. With the first payment of the contract's royalties she bought her first automobile. Some of her fans have released video tributes to her -trying to emulate her act,- and even Tigresa remixes (in techno and reggaeton versions) of her music exist.

La Tigresa Del Oriente premiered at the Official Blog which has all the news about it Blog Oficial, also came out in 2008 in the famous program "Sin Tón Ní Són" channel Ritmoson Latino Mexico.

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