Tiger-Man is a tiger-themed superhero who appeared in a self-titled series published by Atlas/Seaboard Comics in the 1975.

Publication history

The first issue of Tiger-Man was published with a cover date of April, 1975. The writing credit is given to Gabe Levy with the artwork credited to Ernie Colon. The next two issues were cover dated June and September, 1975. Gerry Conway is credited as the writer for these two issues. Steve Ditko is given solo credit as the artist for issue #2 and given a co-credit with Al Milgrom for issue #3. Tiger-Man was cancelled after three issues.

Fictional character biography

Tiger-man is Dr. Lancaster Hill, a scientist who has isolated the chromosomes that give the tiger its strength and agility. Overly eager to see the results of his work, Dr. Hill injects himself with a solution containing the chromosomes.

Upon his return to the United States, Dr. Hill's sister is murdered. He uses his abilities to track down her killers, but still feels unfulfilled. He decides to use his powers to hunt down criminals.

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