Tibia ME

Tibia Micro Edition

Tibia Micro Edition, often called TibiaME or sometimes Tibia: Land of Heroes, is a MMORPG game for mobile phones – based on online role-playing game Tibia. It was first marketed by CipSoft GmbH only to T-Mobile customers using Nokia 3650 and Nokia 7650 cell-phones. Now it is available worldwide. A Java version was released in 2006. All servers for Tibia ME are located in Germany. As of 11/4/2007 there are 18 game worlds.

Vocations in-depth

In TibiaME there are two different vocations to choose from.


Warriors rely on their strength and dexterity which is why they are not very good when using magical weapons. However, they are fearsome in combat, and their battle skill increases considerably with every level they gain.


Wizards prefer to fight with magical weapons which, while being more effective than normal weapons, consume mana with every successful hit. A wizard’s battle skill increases only slightly when gaining a level; however, this is counterbalanced by their magical power which far exceeds the limited abilities of the warrior class.

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