Ti Malice

Ti Malice

In Vodou folklore, Ti Malice was a trickster-loa, archnemesis of Uncle Bouki. He was said to be exceptionally lazy.

Once, he fooled Uncle Bouki by telling him that he could fertilize his yams by slaughtering a fat pig, cooking and seasoning it, and burying it in his fields. Once Bouki did this, Ti Malice dug up the pig and yams and ate them. Finding his fields destroyed, Bouki went to Malice seeking revenge, but Malice pretended that he had gotten sick from eating the pig. Bouki left feeling satisfied, even though it was really Malice who had the last laugh.

Ti-Malice is also the name of a sauce. Sauce Ti-Malice is a hot pepper sauce used in Haitian cuisine, usually served with fried foods like Grillot (fried pork) and Tassot (fried beef or goat meat). It consists of shallots, garlic, tomatoes, Habanero peppers, thyme and parsley simmered to make a sauce.

Ti Malice is also used as a villain in the Wild Cards series of novels; there he is portrayed as a mind-controlling parasite.

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