Thundorf, Switzerland

Thundorf (in the local dialect [ˈtuəndɔrfː] or [ˈtuəndərəfː]) is a municipality in the district of district of Frauenfeld in the canton of Thurgau in Switzerland.

The village of Thundorf lies on a plateau above Frauenfeld. In 1995, the communal territory was enlarged to the east, when Wetzikon and Lustdorf, the latter of which until then was autonomous, were joined to it.

Coat of arms

Blazon: Gules, a fess argent between three mullets of six points argent (2, 1).


The earliest quotation of Thundorf dates back to the year 888 (Tuomsdorof<*tuomesdorf). This place name is composed by the OHG anthroponym Duomo/*Tuomo and the noun substantive dorf ‚hamlet, farm, village, estate, quarter of a town‘.


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