Thietmar, Margrave of Merseburg

Gunther, Margrave of Merseburg

Gunther (Günther; died 13 July 982) was the Margrave of Merseburg from 965 until his death, upon which the march of Merseburg was united to that of Meissen.

Gunther was a scion of the Ekkeharding clan. He was appointed to the Merseburger march following the death of Gero the Great in 965. In 962, he was already regarded as a margrave, alongside Wigger I and Wigbert, in the Diocese of Magdeburg. He went on campaign in Calabria in 979 and died there in the Battle of Stilo against the Saracens.

He left three sons: Eckard I of Meissen, Gunzelin of Kuckenburg, and Bruno, who defended Meissen from the Poles in 1009.



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