Theodosius Harnack

Theodosius Harnack

Theodosius Harnack (January 3, 1817September 23, 1889) was a Baltic German theologian.

Harnack was a professor of Divinity at the University of Tartu in what is today Estonia. He was a staunch Lutheran and a prolific writer on theological subjects; his chief field of work was practical theology, and his important book on that subject summing up his long experience and teaching appeared at Erlangen (1877–1878, 2 vols.). The liturgy of the Lutheran church of Russia has, since 1898, been based on his Liturgische Formulare (1872).

His twin sons were the German theologian Adolf von Harnack (1851–1930) and mathematician Carl Gustav Axel Harnack (1851–1888).

Further reading

  • Quill, Timothy C.J. An examination of the contributions of Theodosius Harnack to the renewal of the Lutheran liturgy in the nineteenth century, Thesis (Ph. D.)--Drew University, 2002.


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