Theodor Zahn

Theodor Zahn

Theodor Zahn or Theodor von Zahn (1838 - 1933) was a biblical scholar born in Rhineland, Prussia (now Germany). He was professor of Theology at Erlangen, and distinguished for his eminent scholarship in connection with the matter especially of the New Testament canon. He stood at the head of the conservative New Testament scholarship of his time.

Some of his more important writings are:

  • Der Hirt des Hermas untersucht (1868)
  • Patrum Apostolicorum Opera (1875-78; fifth edition, 1905)
  • Forschungen zur Geschichte des neutestamentlichen Kanons und der altkirchlichen Litteratur (eight volumes, 1881-1908)
  • Geschichte des neutestamentlichen Kanons (two volumes, 1889-92)
  • Das apostolische Symbolum (1892; English translation, The Apostles' Creed, 1899)
  • Einleitung in das neue Testament (two volumes, 1897-1900; third edition, 1906-07; English translation, Introduction to the New Testament, three volumes, 1909)
  • Brot und Salz aus Gottes Wort, 20 sermons, (1901); English translation, Bread and Salt from the Word of God, (1905)
  • Grundriss der Geschichte des neutestamentlichen Kanons (1901; second edition, 1904)
  • Das Evangelium des Lucas (1912)

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