Theistic Idealism

Marc Edmund Jones

Dr. Marc Edmund Jones (1888 - 1980), was an American Astrologer.

Early life

Born October 1 1888, 8:37 a.m. CST in St. Louis, Missouri, as a child Marc Edmund Jones was interested in complex patterns observable in the environment, and he gradually developed a distinctive personal system of thought that later produced notable perspectives on occultism and the cabalistic world-view in general.

He grew up in Chicago in the social framework of a rather formal, late Victorian parental style. Other early influences were the Christian Science neighbors who moved next door and an aunt who introduced him to theosophy. In 1913 his lifelong interest in astrology was kindled, leading to further investigation into occult principles, and an interest in spiritualism that developed later on.


Marc Jones has been called the dean of American astrology, and is perhaps best remembered as the major leader in the twentieth century of a movement to reformulate the study of astrology and place it permanently on a rational scientific basis.

He developed the seven categories of horoscopic patterns or distributions of the astrological planets around the zodiac, which are called the Splay, Splash, Bundle, Bowl, Locomotive, Bucket, and Seesaw shapes or patterns. Essential interpretation of a horoscope can be made on this basis, leading to direct inference as to how an individual might cope with his or her inner and outer worlds according to the Jones Pattern distribution found in the natal horoscope.

He created or discovered the Sabian Symbols with the assistance of the clairvoyant Elsie Wheeler in 1925, and in 1953 he published The Sabian Symbols In Astrology, a book that renders a specific symbol and interpretive character for each of the 360° of the zodiac that are found on the astronomical ecliptic. These symbols have gained broad acknowledgment by way their usage throughout the astrological world.

Early in life he became a prolific and successful writer of movie scenarios, and worked in that profession for many years. He founded the special-studies group known as the Sabian Assembly in 1923, still in existence in the twenty-first century. He was ordained as a Presbyterian minister in 1934, and later received the PhD degree from Columbia University. He taught and lectured across the USA for many years.

His most voluminous written work is the set of Sabian lessons on philosophy, the Bible, astrology and cabalistic pattern, at which he labored for decades. Members of the Sabian Assembly continue to work with these lesson-sets to experience the insights they offer into the teachings of Plato, Aristotle, Plotinus, Ibn Gabirol, and the major books of the Tenach (Old Testament) and the New Testament. There are 78 such sets, each containing approximately 26 weekly lessons of closely argued analyses. Lesson-sets in other areas include twelve on astrology and twelve involving his redevelopment of cabalistic thought. The latter group of lesson-sets is known as the Pure Pattern Series. There are 114 lesson-sets altogether, all of which are available to the public. Click here and scroll down to see a list of titles in the lesson series.

Dr. Jones died on March 5 1980. His major visible legacy exists today in the many books that are still in print.

Published works

  • How To Learn Astrology
  • The Guide To Horoscope Interpretation
  • Horary Astrology
  • Astrology: How & Why It Works
  • The Sabian Symbols In Astrology
  • Essentials Of Astrological Analysis
  • Scope Of Astrological Prediction
  • Mundane Perspectives In Astrology
  • Fundamentals Of Number Significance
  • The Counseling Manual In Astrology
  • How To Live With The Stars
  • The Marc Edmund Jones 500
  • George Sylvester Morris: Philosophical Career & Theistic Idealism
  • Gandhi Lives
  • Occult Philosophy
  • The Sabian Manual: A Ritual For Living
  • The Sabian Book Of Letters To Aspirants
  • Man, Magic And Fantasy

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