The Wives He Forgot

The Wives He Forgot

The Wives He Forgot is a 2006 film starring Molly Ringwald as Charlotte Saint John, a small town attorney, who comes to the aid of Gabriel (Mark Humphrey), a handsome stranger who's suffering from amnesia. Charlotte can't help but fall in love with this seemingly perfect man. Their romance soon hits a snag when two women come into Charlotte's office claiming that they are married to Gabriel/Jay. When Jay is charged with bigamy, Charlotte decides to defend him in court.

The screenplay was written by J.J. Jamieson, and it was directed by Mario Azzopardi.


Molly Ringwald as Charlotte Saint John
Mark Humphrey as Gabriel/Jay
Shannon Sturges as Jill Mathers
Maxim Roy as Alicia
Ellen Dubin as Gwen
Lara Azzopardi as Mina Truman

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