The Turkish- Hephthalite War

List of Afghanistan-related topics

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Buildings and structures in Afghanistan

Archaeological sites in Afghanistan

Bridges in Afghanistan

Hotels in Afghanistan

Museums in Afghanistan

Places of worship in Afghanistan

Hindu temples in Afghanistan

Mosques in Afghanistan

Prisons in Afghanistan

Tunnels in Afghanistan

Cities in Afghanistan


Communications in Afghanistan

See also: #Afghan media

Afghan culture

See also: #Afghan media
See also: #Museums in Afghanistan
See also: #Religion in Afghanistan
See also: #Sport in Afghanistan

Afghan clothing

Afghan cuisine

Ethnic groups in Afghanistan

Baloch people

Baloch tribes

Pashtun people

Pashtun people

Pashto poets

Pashtun culture

Pashtun tribes

Afghan films

Languages of Afghanistan

Afghan music

Afghan musicians

Economy of Afghanistan

Companies of Afghanistan

See also: #Airlines of Afghanistan

Trade unions of Afghanistan

Education in Afghanistan

See also: #Museums in Afghanistan

Schools in Afghanistan

Universities and colleges in Afghanistan

Environment of Afghanistan

Biota of Afghanistan

Fauna of Afghanistan

Conservation in Afghanistan

World Heritage Sites in Afghanistan

Geography of Afghanistan

See also: #Cities in Afghanistan
See also: #Provinces of Afghanistan

Districts of Afghanistan

Lakes of Afghanistan

Maps of Afghanistan

Historical maps of Afghanistan

Maps of the history of Afghanistan

Old maps of Afghanistan

Mountain passes of Afghanistan

Mountains of Afghanistan

Hindu Kush

Rivers of Afghanistan

Subdivisions of Afghanistan

See also: #Districts of Afghanistan
See also: #Provinces of Afghanistan

Towns in Afghanistan

Valleys of Afghanistan

Villages in Afghanistan

Volcanoes of Afghanistan

Afghanistan geography stubs

Government of Afghanistan

See also: #Politics of Afghanistan

Afghan heads of state

Afghan monarchs

Emirs of Afghanistan

Kings of Afghanistan

Timurid monarchs

Mughal emperors

Foreign relations of Afghanistan

Afghan diplomats

Presidents of Afghanistan

Health in Afghanistan

History of Afghanistan

See also: #Archaeological sites in Afghanistan

Battles of Afghanistan

Crime in Afghanistan

See: #Afghan criminal law
See: #Afghan murder victims

Disasters in Afghanistan

Earthquakes in Afghanistan

Durrani Empire

Elections in Afghanistan

Ghaznavid Empire

Kushan Empire

Sassanid dynasty

Ancient Persian provinces

Battles of the Sassanid Empire

Eran Spahbods

Sassanid castles


Prisoners of the Taliban

Timeline of Afghan history

Timurid Empire

See also: #Timurid monarchs

Umayyad Caliphate

Battles of the Umayyad Caliphate

Umayyad caliphs

Umayyad caliphs of Cordoba

Wars of Afghanistan

Images of Afghanistan

See also: #Maps of Afghanistan

Afghan law

See also: #Crime in Afghanistan

Court systems of Afghanistan

Afghan criminal law

Penal system in Afghanistan

See also: #Prisons in Afghanistan

Law enforcement in Afghanistan

Law enforcement agencies of Afghanistan

Afghanistan-related lists

See also: #Timeline of Afghan history

Afghan media

Newspapers published in Afghanistan

Afghani television series

Military of Afghanistan

Afghan people

See also: #Afghan heads of state

Afghan Jews

Afghan murder victims

Assassinated Afghan people

See also: #Assassinated Afghan politicians

Afghan people by occupation

See also: #Afghan diplomats
See also: #Afghan musicians
See also: #Afghan politicians

Afghan cosmonauts

Afghan sportspeople

See also: #Olympic competitors for Afghanistan
Afghan boxers

Afghan martial artists
Afghan judoka

Afghan writers

Afghan novelists

Afghan poets

Afghan short story writers

Afghan people stubs

See Afghan people stubs

Politics of Afghanistan

See also: #Elections in Afghanistan
See also: #Foreign relations of Afghanistan
See also: #Taliban

Political parties in Afghanistan

Youth wings of political parties in Afghanistan

Afghan politicians

See also: #Presidents of Afghanistan

Assassinated Afghan politicians

Terrorism in Afghanistan

Provinces of Afghanistan

Religion in Afghanistan

See also: #Places of worship in Afghanistan

Afghan society

See also: #Crime in Afghanistan
See also: #Ethnic groups in Afghanistan
See also: #Languages of Afghanistan
See also: #Religion in Afghanistan

Titles in Afghanistan

Sport in Afghanistan

Football in Afghanistan

Football venues in Afghanistan

Afghanistan at the Olympics

Olympic competitors for Afghanistan

Transportation in Afghanistan

See also: #Bridges in Afghanistan
See also: #Tunnels in Afghanistan

Airlines of Afghanistan

Airports in Afghanistan

Afghanistan stubs

See also: #Afghan people stubs
See also: #Afghanistan geography stubs

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