The Seer

The Seer (Charmed)

The Seers are two fictional characters on the WB television series Charmed. Each Seer is a demoness capable of seeing the future.

The Seer (Season 4)

Book of Shadows entry: An upper-level demon who has been around for thousands of years. Because she has the power to see the future, she is a top advisor to the Source of all Evil. In fact she has served multiple Sources, choosing to remain close to the ultimate power. She is a magical craftsman and master at spells and tonics, but only kills when she has to.

Played by Debbi Morgan. Her power to see the future has gained her great respect in the Underworld. While she has served multiple Sources, her ultimate goal is to gain ultimate power. The Seer is also known to have worked with other demons, as well as making use of others. An example is The Tall Man, whom she used as a portal to destroy the sisters. The Tall Man (who is believed impossible to be destroyed) is later vanquished. Her powers include the ability to throw fireballs, see the future, the power of teleportation, as well as the ability to possess someone else's body in order to tap into the person's powers and senses.

She helps the last Source but then betrays him to save all magical life on Earth, including a future she wanted for herself as the new Source. She tricks Cole Turner into absorbing The Hollow in order for him to unknowingly take in the Source's powers.

She makes it possible for Cole and Phoebe Halliwell to conceive and carry a very powerful baby, a process which involves feeding Phoebe a box of enchanted chocolates. After Cole, as The Source is vanquished by the Charmed Ones, the Seer steals the baby from Phoebe and reveals it was really her own evil spawn from the moment of its conception. Phoebe confirms this by telling her sisters that she could sense the child was not her own after it started taking control of her. Instead, it was totally evil and soulless.

During the ceremony to become the new Source, when the child's power proves to be too much for her to contain, she is vanquished, along with the child & many upper-level demons who are attending the ceremony (including the council).


Kira, The Seer (Season 7)

She is played by Charisma Carpenter. This Seer is a different demoness from the one that makes an appearance in Season 4. Seers are generally known to be much revered because of their rare powers to see the future at will. This Seer is known as Kira and has a few extensive powers including to see the future instantly. Unlike Phoebe's premonition power, the Seer's power to see the future does not require her touching a person or thing, or for her to enter a trance like Phoebe does (though she does admit to Phoebe that she once had to touch people to see the future). Although the Seer's powers seem to be an advanced form of Phoebe's and can be used at will, Phoebe's powers and the Power of Three are based in good magic and, as a whole, more powerful. In contrast to Phoebe's premonitions and empathy power, the Seer cannot feel the emotion or enjoy what she sees; she can only "see" what she is missing. This is why she eventually decides to try and become human. Her powers make her a target for many other demons especially when she wants to sell them out to the Charmed Ones. This Seer becomes good, betraying the underworld. She makes a deal with the Charmed Ones to make her human for an exchange of information and also a look at the Avatars' "Utopia". She made Phoebe see the future orchestrated by the Avatars when she passed a vision onto Phoebe when they linked hands, (which she could watch repeatedly afterwards). She is killed by the powerful demon Zankou, because he was afraid of what she might tell the sisters, and for her betrayal.



  • Charisma Carpenter's role on Charmed is very similar to that of Cordelia Chase on Angel---in both she plays a character with the ability to see the future. Cordelia also eventually becomes part-demon and could levitate and astral project, giving her almost all of Phoebe's powers and one of Prue's.
  • Charisma Carpenter had already worked with Holly Marie Combs in the movie 'See Jane Date'


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