The Reunion

Dynasty: The Reunion

Dynasty: The Reunion is a 1991 miniseries which reunited the characters from the popular primetime television soap opera Dynasty, which had aired on ABC from 1981 to 1989. The miniseries, like the series, revolved around the Carringtons, a wealthy oil family living in Denver, Colorado.

Directed by Irving J. Moore, the mini-series was first broadcast in the USA in two parts on October 20 and October 22 1991.


When Dynasty ended, Alexis Colby (Joan Collins) and Dex Dexter (Michael Nader) had fallen over a balcony at The Carlton Hotel, Fallon (Emma Samms) and Krystina (Jessica Player) were trapped in a cave on the Carrington estate with a cache of stolen Nazi war treasure, and Blake (John Forsythe) had shot, and been shot by, a corrupt policeman.

The Reunion picks up the story three years later, as Blake is pardoned and released from jail.

In the interim, a shadowy organization called The Consortium has taken control of Blake's company, Denver-Carrington. Blake and his wife Krystle (Linda Evans) are reunited after her release from the Swiss hospital where, in the series' final season, she had lapsed into a coma after delicate brain surgery. Fallon is in California, involved again with Miles Colby (Maxwell Caulfield), Steven (Al Corley) is living in Washington, D.C., with his partner Bart Fallmont (Cameron Watson), Sammy Jo (Heather Locklear) is modeling in New York and Alexis is involved with media spin doctor Jeremy Van Dorn (Jeroen Krabbé), who has convinced her to invest in Fashion Fury, a troubled fashion business owned by Arlen (Michael Brandon) and Carol Marshall (Wendie Malick).

Krystle, having been programmed by the sinister Dr. Jobinet (Tony Jay) in Switzerland, tries to kill Blake, but her love for him is too strong and she breaks free from the programming of The Consortium. Jeff Colby (John James) is abducted by The Consortium, and to rescue him Adam Carrington (Robin Sachs) and Jeff's ex-wife Kirby Anders (Kathleen Beller) enlist the aid of Jeff's half-brother Miles Colby . Kirby, Adam's former love, now lives in Paris and works for The Consortium as a translator. Adam, who had played no small part in The Consortium's takeover of Denver-Carrington, is reunited with his father, Blake, and past sins are forgiven.

A hearing is scheduled for Denver-Carrington v. The Consortium, and the American courts rule in Blake's favor — the takeover of Denver-Carrington was unlawful, and controlling interest is returned to Blake. Adam and Kirby re-establish their relationship, and the family — including Miles and Sammy Jo — reunite for an intimate dinner at the Carrington mansion. Jeremy Van Dorn makes one last attempt to gain control of Alexis' company ColbyCo; he tries to choke Alexis with gas, but she is rescued by Adam. Fallon finally chooses ex-husband Jeff over Miles. Alexis joins the family dinner, and Blake makes a toast which acknowledges their bond of blood, despite their past rivalries.


Only a moderate ratings success, and arguably an outright critical failure, The Reunion was widely regarded as a disappointment.

Behind the scenes

The miniseries reunited much of the crew who had worked on the original series, including writer/creators Richard and Esther Shapiro, Eileen and Robert Mason Pollock, Edward DeBlasio, producer Elaine Rich, cinematographer Michel Hugo and costume designer Nolan Miller. It also featured three long-running supporting players, William Beckley as Carrington butler Gerard, Virginia Hawkins as Carrington maid Jeanette Robbins, and Betty Harford as Carrington cook Hilda Gunnerson.

The unavailability of actor Jack Coleman, and the subsequent decision to cast original cast member Corley as Steven, created a continuity error; actor Jack Coleman had replaced Corley in the original series, and the change of appearance had been explained by plastic surgery after an oil rig explosion. Gordon Thomson was also replaced by Sachs as Adam Carrington because he could not get out of a contract with the soap opera Santa Barbara in time for production. He later sued ABC for the scheduling problem.

Some character portrayals and elements of the storyline somewhat contradicted the series' long-term continuity, including Blake and Steven's conflict over the younger man's homosexuality and Sammy Jo's return to her original money-hungry and ambitious ways. Some questions left hanging in the cliffhanger finale of Dynasty itself remained unanswered, including the exact fate of Dex.

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