The Mighty

The Mighty Casey

"The Mighty Casey" is an episode of the American television anthology series The Twilight Zone.

The episode title is a reference to the baseball poem "Casey at the Bat".

Opening narration

What you're looking at is a ghost. Once alive, but now deceased. Once upon a time it was a baseball stadium that housed a major league ball club known as the Hoboken Zephyrs. Now it houses nothing but memories and a wind that stirs in the high grass of what was once an outfield. A wind that sometimes bears a faint, ghostly resemblance to the roar of a crowd that once sat here. We're back in time now when the Hoboken Zephyrs were still a part of the National League, and this mausoleum of memories was an honest to Pete stadium. But since this is strictly a story of make believe, it has to start this way. Once upon a time in Hoboken, New Jersey, it was tryout day. No, he's not yet on the field; you're about to meet a most unusual fellow: A left-handed pitcher named Casey.


The coach of a broken-down baseball team allows a robot named Casey to play on his team. Casey has the ability to throw super-fast balls that cannot be hit. Eventually, the National League finds out and rules that Casey must be taken off the team because he is not human. Casey's inventor gives him a heart to have him classified as human. Now that Casey has human emotions, he refuses to throw his fast balls anymore. He says that he feels empathy with the batter and does not want to ruin the batter’s career by striking him out. With the team sure to fold soon, the coach and the scientist set off to create an entire pitching staff of Casey robots.

Closing narration

Once upon a time, there was a major league baseball team called the Hoboken Zephyrs, who during the last year of their existence wound up in last place and shortly thereafter wound up in oblivion. There's a rumor, unsubstantiated of course, that a manager named MacGarry took them to the West coast and wound up with several pennants and a couple of world's championships. This team had a pitching staff that made history. Of course none of them smiled very much, but it happens to be a fact that they pitched like nothing human. And if you're interested as to where these gentlemen came from, you might check under "B", for baseball, in the Twilight Zone

Preview for Next Week's Story

Next week, we take you back into the dark and hidden, unexplored recesses of a writer's mind, and do some probing as to just how this type of bird operates. It's a fascinating excursion into the oddball. On The Twilight Zone, next week, Keenan Wynn and Phyllis Kirk star in Richard Matheson's "A World of His Own," and in this particular one, even this kooky rat, he gets into the act. Good night.


According to "The Twilight Zone: Unlocking the Door to a Television Classic" by Martin Grams, the entire production was filmed with Paul Douglas in the role. Before the episode could air over the network, Douglas died prematurely. The entire production was refilmed at the expense of Rod Serling's Cayuga Productions (not the network) with Jack Warden in the role.


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