The Maniaks

The Maniaks

The Maniaks are a fictional rock band published by DC Comics. They first appeared in issue Showcase #68 (May 1967), and were created by E. Nelson Bridwell and Mike Sekowsky.


The Maniaks were created in the mold of TV's the Monkees--a band that would also get involved in wild adventures, often on the way to their gigs. The band would meet fictionalized versions of famous celebrities, such as "Jeannette Punchinello" (Annette Funicello), "Rock Hutsut" (Rock Hudson), and "Twiggly" (Twiggy). An exception was comedian Woody Allen, who appeared in an unfictionalized form in Showcase #71.

Power Company

The Maniaks as a band made no further appearances after Showcase #71. Silver Shannon later appeared in The Power Company limited series, where she worked as a personal assistant to Josiah Power.


  • Silver Shannon - lead vocals, manager
  • Philip "Flip" Folger - guitars, contortionist
  • Gilbert "Jangle" Jeffries - guitars, ventriloquist
  • Byron "Pack Rat" Williams - drums

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